Game On ! - London 2012

I often saw from my window in the afternoon a strange couple in the street. He was pushing, with difficulty, his wife in a wheelchair. But the most interesting fact was that they passed always at the same time. One day, I said to myself that I will follow them.
Here is their story:

3pm: They go out in the direction of Shepherd's Bush to the shopping mall VUE.

4pm: They wait for the London Evening Standard in front of the train station. This free paper is read by Londoners before they often leave it behind on a seat on the train for the next passenger to pick-up and peruse.

4:45pm: On their way back home, the husband leaves his wife outside while he enters into "Ladbrokes" for doing his betting.

5pm: His wife patiently waits for her husband, remaining in the wheelchair.

5:15pm: She is sleeping when her husband finally returns from his side trip to "Ladbrokes".

5:30pm: The couple returns by the same route back to their home.

I know only few things about them but this touching couple said to me that they do this trip every day except Sunday. They often asked me the same question: why do you take these pictures? And each time, I didn't know what to answer but now I think they simply piqued my curiosity and I decided to play private eye, investigating what they did during all this time.