Blind Faith

This series started with the intention of working with the Muslim headscarf using "art photography" style and maybe with a hint of humour.

The project has evolved from initial images taken, which captured men from various nationalities wearing a Muslim headscarf, allowing only the eyes to be visible.

I decided instead to create other portraits, asking my models to wear a mask usually used to aid sleeping on an aeroplane.

The camera is a Polaroid Studio Express, which was once for taking identity/passport… photographs. Four identical portraits are taken at the same time and processed in only few minutes.

My models become blind during the shooting, unable to look at anything in particular but most importantly less able to give a conscious facial expression from reacting to their surroundings.

While the Muslim headscarf only allows the eyes to appear, concealing the rest of the face and sometimes the entire body, my images from my new approach work in the opposite way by hiding only the eyes.

They question without judgement the denial of identity.