Extimidentité -Toulouse, New York, Hyères 2001

“ Extimidentité ” was a word I created in 2001 to refer to my desire to communicate my sense of intimacy with the public but most importantly to bring them face to face with male nudity.

Using a photocopier I created a poster out of one of my photographs and pasted it in several places in Toulouse, New York and Hyères. I carefully chose playful and interesting locations, to which I would later return at regular intervals and take photographs of the evolution the posters went through.

The spontaneous intervention of an unknown public who had no prior knowledge of my experiment was very interesting. Posters were partially or at times completely torn, some were covered with graffiti and some were partially covered by other posters.

These series of photographs were concluded in 2001.

Last coloured picture made by Wilfrid Laudicina in Buenos Aires in 2002.