Toulouse 2006.
When is comes to Morocco everyone knows of its beauty, some bring back a little souvenir picked up in the course of their journey, some move there for good and it always remains the place to go to…
Emmanuel Benoit crossing this land and its countryside, gathered colourful plastic bags blowing in the wind, coming from here and there. Later he hung them from a washing line like at the windows in Naples and photographed them in his studio.
He then printed the picture out in large scale and displayed it in the old district of Toulouse, by pasting it on bricked up windows. The image was displayed in the city, whether something would have happened to it or not, it would have even been seen by people or not, was exactly what Emmanuel was interested in : a moment of reality. By giving the city a gift that brought out the poetry in reality, he tried to capture these moments. As he photographed the image, more images were born.
Emmanuel Benoit has been inspired from the beginning by the work of the great drawer Ernst Pignon Ernest, who was introduced by Paul Veyne, professor of ancient history (Greek-Roman history) in collège de France, as follow :
« From glue, paper, silkscreen, an image that the wind starts to rip away. Refusal the luxury, the colours, all that could bring glory and certainty. Who is it created for? For the museums? For the connoisseurs? Pity...it is for the passers by, if they look at it ».
But Toulouse is not Naples, nor it is Marseille or Barcelona or Tanger. Certain owners of buildings that had the “image” on them, suddenly dressed it up, protected it and repaired it… The reaction of collectors is not very different. Some other locals were amazed by these images that they encountered in the course of their daily lives and with which they had a little private conversation. Let's hope that Emmanuel Benoit continues to design public spaces with his ephemeral images”.