Portraits with a Leica - Bangkok 2012/2013

« As soon as I arrived in the big city of Bangkok, I noticed some building workers, not dressed with classic worker's clothes but with their appearance of hip young men, wearing trendy sneakers, slim jeans and t-shirts with holes.

In this photographic project, I asked the permission of these workers to take their portraits keeping on their face what they use to protect themselves from the sun or the dust. The facial coverings give them an anonymity that I find intriguing.

A white sheet for the background allows me to isolate them from their working area (all the pictures were taken in the street by the construction sites).

But above all, the Leica they hold, the legendary camera of photojournalists, is used here to disguise from where these people come. Are they journalists, scientific photographers, revolutionaries, terrorists?

Most of these workers are Cambodian or Isaan (North East of Thailand) ».

Emmanuel Benoit